Our story begins in the year 1963, by the parish priest Damien sarate Sandoval and some residents of the village of San Pedro Atocpan, in Milpa Alta, Federal District, headed by Mr. Julian Gonzalez Cortés, Delfino Garibay, Miguel Cabrera and families dedicated to production and mass marketing, managed to form thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to work for a better future, the Cooperative joint sales Atocpan, SCL
The company began with 60 members, who began to work hard in a rudimentary way, with a mill for nixtamal, a sprayer and two stone mills, with which the mole for domestic consumption and subsequent sale was made.

In 50 years of effort and commitment to Mexican society our company has grown in different market segments, such as wholesale, self-service retail and institutional channels that took the opportunity to distribute the taste and quality of our products.

We are proud of our traditions and our land Mole Don Pancho occurs with the guarantee of our brand: quality, tradition and taste.

Benefits Mole Don Pancho

• High quality standards

• Certificate of international quality

• Premium raw materials

• Sanitation process design of chilies (I undocked and deveined) and sterilization of raw materials

• Variety of products and presentations

• Certification of suppliers

• Sensory quality standards typical of true mole: consistency, taste, smell, appearance and color